Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Statement of Purpose

When I was a kid, I watched too much television. Most kids do. I've got a lot of fond memories of those television programs: Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Spiderman, X-Men, and so on. Sadly, most of these programs are utter shit. I actually re-watched nearly every episode of TMNT as an adult, and can count on one hand the number which were actually worth my time. Other shows, like Spiderman, I've avoided watching because I prefer to remember them as fun and exciting. But one of my favorite shows from my childhood still holds up pretty god damned well: Batman: The Animated Series.

I'm hardly alone in this sentiment. Batman:TAS is widely regarded as being among the the greatest animated programs ever broadcast. And though it was marketed towards children, I don't enjoy it any less now that I'm an adult. And with the resources of adulthood, I was even able to purchase a complete set of DVDs for the show. Better yet, I learned (thanks in part to my ladyfriend, Morrie) that Bruce Timm, one of the driving forced behind the show, had gone on to produce other animated shows using DC characters. So far I've seen Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, and I've thoroughly enjoyed each one. I've yet to see Superman: The Animated Series, but I hope to remedy that as this project moves forward.

So what is this project? It's simple. Morrie and I will watch each episode of each show in turn, and write down our thoughts about that episode. From scathing critiques of poorly done episodes, to loving tributes to our favorite episodes, we'll cover everything from Batman:TAS episode 1, all the way through to Justice League Unlimited's final episode.

To clarify, these will be the shows we'll be covering, in order:

Batman: The Animated Series (And it's follow up program, The New Batman Adventures)
Superman: The Animated Series (Which I will need to purchase when we get to it.)
Batman Beyond
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited

Updates will be sporadic, to accommodate our other projects, such as my role playing blog, and Morrie's art. We're aiming for once a week, with breaks taken whenever we need them. Because we're lazy like that.

I’ve always favored DC characters regardless of DC’s early history of bad stories, bad science, ridiculous sexism and silly costumes with these characters. Like many other people, my favorite of characters has been Batman and will always be Batman even despite his lack of amazing powers. I think what I love most about Batman is just his goddamned seriousness. Nothing makes that fucker happy and the only thing funny about Batman is putting him in amusing situation which his seriousness is highlighted and mocked for the audience.

The Tim Bruce [Edit: That's Bruce Timm, he's actually not an adopted robin] written stories for Batman the Animated Series, Justice League and Batman Beyond stories loved making fun Batman’s seriousness and honestly the best cartoon Batman I’ve ever seen. Honesty these stories made me fall in love with the character. Though I actually don’t include Batman the Animated Series, except for the last season, in my opinion of a good Batman. In the re watching of the Animated Series most of my comments will likely be about how “unbatman-like” this Batman is and also about the bad animation and plots. Until the final season is reached I’ll likely have nothing good to say about it. I want to wait until we actually re watch all the episodes before making comparisons of last season to the earlier ones. However, the obvious differences which make the last season simply better is plots are dark, the villains and heroes are actually in danger and Batman is a super dick.

As we move on to Justice League, yea there are some silly plots but damn I love that show and there are a hundred reasons why. I’m just excited to have a reason to watch them again.

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